Why Software Engineering?

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I am currently attending FlatIron School and I have a project where I must post a blog about “Why did you decide to study Software Engineering?”. Before I started the Bootcamp I was always interested in how it was that computers work the way they do and how they accomplish tasks. When I read this assignment I took a step back and asked myself, could I put into words as to the reason why I chose this path?

First Interests

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When I was around ten years old my parents bought me my first laptop. The first thing I asked about was if there was any way to play video games on it. I always saw people checking emails, chatting, and making MySpace accounts which wasn’t anything interesting to me. Once I found that you could play video games I started to see that with each game that I would play there would be these requirements on the cd or box. Minimum requirements this and Recommended requirements that. I started to explore what each component did in the computer. I started reading on how the CPU processes information. The difference between RAM being temporary storage for data compared to a Hard drive that saves the information. Once I began down this path I knew that I would keep asking questions and learn more in depth concept about the pc and it would make me more fascinated. No matter what field I end up working in I knew that it would revolving around a computer

High School

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When I was in high school I chose every elective that I could to be something computer related. I had a regular computer workshop class where our final was to dismantle a PC, map it, and build it back up again, and also have a written test about computer hardware and how it works. I took a class about graphics design which focused on PhotoShop and Adobe Illustrator. I truly enjoyed that class as it was a fun experience to draw using a computer and using editing software. I also took a class in basic web development where I learn basic HTML and Dreamweaver, it was probably my most difficult elective but I liked the challenge. And with that class I realized that maybe coding was the way to go. During my Senior year I chose to enroll in an AP Course that would be strictly Coding, however the class was cancelled because there was no Curriculum that could have been followed and the teacher that was going to teach the class did not want all the extra work so I missed that opportunity.

Current Situation

I truly feel fortunate for the situation I am in. I was able to score a position at Amazon where I am a Safety Coordinator. In my position I help reduce the spread of covid and help my fellow employees in the warehouse . This has allowed me to make more hours and has given me a financial cushion while going through this bootcamp. To enter this bootcamp and have Amazon pay for it in its entirety is amazing. There was only one requirement, to have been a permanent worker for a year. However in my case, my one year was going to be a week after the last day of registrations for this program. How am I in here then? No clue, I applied 3 days after the deadline just to see what happens, and low and behold I made it. The next day I went to my HR department and asked them if everything was correct and ready for me to start the course. When they said yes I was beyond excited. I felt as if I finally have a goal that was in reach and a route to get there.

So Why Software Engineering:

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Well, I thought about other choices such as cybersecurity or IT such as networking and repairs. But the one that interested me was the one that I knew almost nothing about, Software Engineering. There are many things you can do within this field of work.

  • You can work from anywhere

The possibilities are endless and that is what drives me towards this career. It is daunting of a subject for me since I do not know much about the field itself or anyone who is in the field. However, since I have entered this Bootcamp I have become more attentive and more driven in my studies knowing that is shaping my future. From what I have learned so far I feel that this is the place for me and that this is indeed what I would love to do for a living.

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